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"Reading it is believing it! Sister Twylia Reid writes about her personal tragedy and challenge of TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) with nothing but the truth and tenacity of the human spirit to love, hope and survive whatever hurdles are put before us to jump over or kick down. And she does both, in order to be blessed with miracles for her son, Mylon. And the whole time I kept asking myself, 'What does he look like'? Until the book finally reveals her strong, handsome and determined black man. Wow! When's the movie coming??? We all need to experience this never-die love!"  -- Omar Tyree, New York Times bestselling author and creator of the ebook series, The American Disease

“If there was ever a person to help navigate another caregiver to achieve wholeness and balance, it would be my dear friend Twylia Reid. She has devoted her life in caring for her young son into a productive adult citizen after her family endured a tragic and deliberate attack.  Twylia not only is the leading national uthority and voice on traumatic brain injury, she knows firsthand how to help others serve as care providers through her strong faith.  Her latest book is a must -read for anyone who needs a fresh dose of strength, encouragement and advice on maintaining balance and focus.”  - Dr. Shatrece W. Bryant Buchanan, B.A, M.P.A, M.A.T, D.B.A / CEO/Pastor, Eagle Talon Faith and Vision Foundation / Lieutenant Colonel (Ret), U.S. Army / Author, A Five Time Cancer Survivor
"Broken Wings is a powerful network, support and educational platform for those who have suffered or need to know more about any form of TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury)! As a living testament to God's grace, mercy and favor in her own life, Ms. Reid is a Dynamic advocate (Led By God) to give a voice to the voiceless and to bring enlightenment and encouragement to those in need!! She is an Author and her book is amazing!! Be sure to pick up Broken Wings on Amazon it will change your life!!" - Mary ToneyCo Film Director/ Voice Over Artist @ Allmericals

Dr. Shanta Chester

" I had the wonderful pleasure of being interviewed by Author Twylia Reid on last month. The anointing that this Woman of God flows in is truly unparalleled. The genuine passion that she has for the People of God and the Word of God could be heard and felt through the air waves. It was indeed an honor and pleasure to be a part of the Conquerors Cafe experience."

Nightingale, Nightingale

" An incredibly soulful and empowering speaker. A very mission driven authoress with a passionate devotion to building a foundation of support for those with debilitating traumatic brain injuries and voice and shoulder of strength for their caregivers and families. A true genuine jewel all wrapped up in a always smiling and dedicated mother. Such a pleasure and an honour to have met you. You are a inspiration of infinite magnitude."