#1 Best Selling Multi-Award-Winning Author



Twylia G. Reid

Founder/CEO, Broken Wings, Inc.

Founder/CEO, When Heaven Speaks, LLC

Executive Producer/Host Conquerors Cafe Radio

#1 Best Selling Multi-Award-Winning Published Author

A native of Columbus, Mississippi, nationally acclaimed best-selling author, empowerment speaker, and success coach Twylia G. (Flournoy) Reid has established multiple platforms dedicating her gift to nurture survivors of traumatic events and their caregivers. A global leader, Twylia is the Founder/CEO of Broken Wings, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit organization created to assist brain injury survivors and their families, and When Heaven Speaks, LLC, Book Coaching & Publishing where her knowledge and expertise is used as a conduit to affirm others in pursuit of their purpose.

She has received several awards for her leadership capabilities to include the 2019 Unspoken Wounds Woman Veteran's Portrait of Personal Courage Award, 2019 ACHI Magazine Woman of Achievement & Author of the Year Award Finalist, 2019 Winner of The Authors Show Top Female Author of the Year (Fitness/Health/Wellness), 2018 Winner of The Authors Show Top Female Author of the Year (Non-Fiction), The Huffington Post Expert Feature Series “Who’s Who –10 Black Female Experts to Watch in 2018”, 2017 American Book Fest Best Book Award, Elevate 2017 Triumphant Award Nominee, and the 2017 Indie Author Legacy Award Author of the Year finalist. Considered a prolific author, Twylia was featured at the Congressional Black Caucus, and the 110th NAACP National Convention. 

A multi best-selling author herself, Twylia has authored and published several inspirational books to include Broken Wings, What Do You Do…When Caregivers Need Care Given, Affirmations for the Mind, Body & Soul, SOARING By The Power of God 31 Day Devotional, Pray Believe Receive Prayer Journal, My Journey Goal Setting Journal, The WORD The Truth & The Light Bible Study Notebook, and several Monthly Planners.  Adding to her list of accomplishments, she published her first anthology, Confessions of a Caregiver Christian Anthology which became a #1 best selling book during it's pre-sales!  She will also be releasing Warring Women Arise And Pray: When Women Pray Something Happens, Powerful Prayers During a Crisis Anthology in July of 2020.  Having been sought for her innovative knowledge and skills, Twylia has been a featured guest in the Huffington Post, His Favor Magazine, AARP Women Mentors, WCBI Television, The Tammi Tubbs Show, WSAV Savannah, WTOC Sacannah, and The Freedom Train Network to name a few.

Twylia obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration at Trident University International while continuing to work as a HR Manager in the US Army where she is a 20 year disabled retiree. She’s also a licensed minister, business owner, conference speaker, book coach, and devoted brain injury advocate and caregiver.  Her passion to help others regain hope after a tragic event is shown by her commitment to community engagement with local and nationwide mentorship facilitated through her on-line brain injury support group, Broken Wings Brain Injury Empowerment Group, which houses over 1,150 members. Professional membership’s affiliations include National Notary Association, US Army Veterans Association, and Women of Impact which Twylia tours nationally to not only engage, educate, and empower her audiences, but provide strategic solutions for those who desire the skills needed after surviving a tragedy to create productive lives, professional growth and personal development.  Twylia is also the Executive Producer/Host of the Conquerors Café on Blog Talk Radio, which also airs on TuneIn Radio, Spotify, Spreaker, iTunes, iHeart Radio, and Google Podcasts.

She, along with her husband Dexter, currently reside in Savannah, GA.  They have a blended family of 4 amazing children, NaSharee, Mylon, Dexter Jr, and Jon, as well as 5 adorable grandchildren Tierra, Leah, Dezmond, Jeremiah, and Zariyah.  In her spare time, Twylia enjoys the beach, singing, traveling, writing, ministering to others, as well as spending quality time with family and friends. 


TBI Survivor
#1 Best Selling Author

Mylon sustained a serve traumatic brain injury in 2001 at the age of 11 .  His road to recovery has been a long tedious one. For him, life has been a very challenging and a demanding journey. 

So many things in his life were forgotten, or became so fuzzy that his recollections of events are almost unrecognizable.  Often struggling to find the right word to say, worrying about if he’s going to have a seizure in public, wanting to attend college, or simply wanting so badly to be on his own and live independently are just the tip of the ice burg of things he obsesses over on a daily basis.  We literally have a conversation each and every day of what college he wants to attend or which state he wants to live in.

Most days are a silent struggle to move forward in ways that only a select few will ever understand.  However, each day he pushes through the obstacles he faces and keeps pressing forward.  He is indeed a true survivor.  In spite of the multiple heartbreaks and failures, he never quits.  He continues to progress with great strides in his own personal journey of being the best survivor he can be.  His infectious smile touches everyone he meets.  His love for people and passion to help all he comes into contact with makes him the amazing young man he is.  He is indeed a true hero!