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Twylia G. Reid

President, Broken Wings, Inc.

Published Author

Twylia G. (Flournoy) Reid, was born in Columbus, Mississippi.  She lives in Savannah, GA with her husband Dexter and son Mylon.  She is a graduate of Trident University International with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Published author, she is the Founder/CEO of Broken Wings, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit organization created to assist brain injury survivors and their families, a US Army retiree of 20 years, licensed minister, business owner, conference speaker, and devoted brain injury advocate.  She is the mother of four children; two biological, Mylon and Nasharee, as well of two step children, Dexter Jr. and Jon. 

The Authors Show’s 2018 Winner Top Female Non-Fiction Author, 2018 Georgia’s Born to Lead Global Women’s Leadership Campaign Ambassador, 2017 American Book Fest Best Book Awards Finalist, The Huffington Post Expert Feature Series “Who’s Who – 10 Black Female Experts to Watch in 2018” selectee, 2017 Indie Author Legacy Award Author of the Year finalist, Elevate 2017 Triumphant Award Nominee, AAALAC International Recognized Author, President/CEO of Broken Wings, Inc., conference speaker, group facilitator, licensed minister, and founder of When Heaven Speaks, an online photo gallery. She is also the founder of Broken Wings Brain Injury Empowerment Group, which is an online brain injury support group. Reid is also the founder and host of the Conquerors Café podcast on Blog Talk Radio’s She Praise Magazine.

Author Twylia is also a visionary, and co-author of an Anthology entitled “Affirmations & Antidotes That Heal ME”, which is a collaboration of healing words by authors, poets, and lyricists. She also published “My JourneyGoal Setting Journal, and “The WORD, the Truth & the LightBible Study Notebook, and “A Survivors Goal Planning JournalA Brain Injury Survivor’s Guide to Goal Setting. She is currently working on two additional literary works titled “When Caregivers Need Care Given”: A Caregivers Memoir; as well as “Private Pain” which will be released the latter part of 2018.

Twyia has had a challenging life filled with private pain that is usually hidden with a smile. She has been her son's primary caregiver since their horrific near fatal accident in 2001.  

Caring for her family has taken her down some attention-grabbing paths in life through the years.  Having raised her children while serving in the United States Army, allowed her and her family to travel to many places and experience many different things, some good…..some not so good.  But, in the end it taught them how important it is for them to love each other unconditionally.  This journey with her son who has a traumatic brain injury has challenged, encouraged, and motivated her in ways she had never known. Forcing her to realize that her faith and prayers were the only things that she could truly rely on to her get through her rough times was her driving force behind writing "Broken Wings". 


TBI Survivor

Mylon sustained a serve traumatic brain injury in 2001 at the age of 11 .  His road to recovery has been a long tedious one. For him, life has been a very challenging and a demanding journey. 

So many things in his life were forgotten, or became so fuzzy that his recollections of events are almost unrecognizable.  Often struggling to find the right word to say, worrying about if he’s going to have a seizure in public, wanting to attend college, or simply wanting so badly to be on his own and live independently are just the tip of the ice burg of things he obsesses over on a daily basis.  We literally have a conversation each and every day of what college he wants to attend.
Most days are a silent struggle to move forward in ways that only a select few will ever understand.  However, each day he pushes through the obstacles he faces and keeps pressing forward.  He in indeed a true survivor.  In spite of the multiple heartbreaks and failures, he never quits.  His infectious smile touches everyone he meets.  His love for people and passion to help all he comes into contact with makes him the amazing young man he is.  He is indeed a true hero!