Broken Wings Book Reviews

Broken Wings Book Reviews

Broken Wings Book Reviews

Broken Wings Book Reviews


"Broken Wings is an AMAZING read. It gives those dealing with TBI faith that better days are ahead. You also learn how to cope and find others that are dealing with the same struggles. Awesome book!!"  -NaSharee D. Davenport

"I read it from beginning to end in about 3 hours. Once I started I found it very hard to put the book down!"  -Russell Smith

"I received such a beautiful blessing from this book. Amazing read of daily struggles in life and let you know you can never give up. Thank you Twylia and Mylon for sharing your story. Love and blessings!"  -Deloris Gray

"Beautiful touched my heart.  The book brought tears to my glad my daughter Tiffany and I met Mylon a nice and well mannered young man. " -Cheryl Arnold

"I'm feel so blessed to have joined my client with her book signing tonight. This is a must read!!!! Twylia G. Reid thanks for allowing me to be a part of this Awesome event...To GOD BE ALL THE GLORY!!!"    -Monique Sanders

"Broken Wings touched my soul from beginning to end. What an amazing journey told from a caregivers\mothers perspective. Thank you for sharing your story. May God continue to guide and bless Mylon and his whole family as they continue on their journey." - Regina Washington

"Awesome book, you won't regret buying and reading this one." -Angela R.

"What an AMAZING story of inspiration and hope. I would suggest this book to anyone who is just needing that small bit of encouragement to prove there is light at the end of what seems like a dark tunnel. Great job to the author."  -Amazon Customer

"Omg I can't explain how much this book has touched my heart. I truly felt like I went on the journey with Twylia and Mylon. I had to pause several times to gain my composure! This book offers such love, hope, trust, perseverance, and faith in God! After reading it I am encouraged to F.A.I.T.H. (Forward all Issues to Him!)"  -K. Ransom

"Amazing Story, Inspiring and God sent! The author has a Beautiful soul. This book is a great investment.. A MUST READ!!"  -Amazon Customer

"This is and was a truly heartfelt read with a multitude of subliminal messages. It contains inspirational message(s) that I will continue to meditate upon for years to come. This is a must read and a must add to your library of books that has changed your life forever."   -Stephen Parchman

"Awesome journey of faith!!! Recommended read for all especially mothers regardless of whether you or a family member has experienced TBI."    -P. King

"Once you start it you can't put it down! Thanking God for all of His miracles and pray He will continue to bless."  -Laverne Greene-Leech

"Amazing, God Blessed Beyond measures and, Definitely Inspiring."   -Kiyana

"What an awesome..awesome read. Couldn't put the book down after I started. I cried and I laughed. Twylia put her heart and soul into helping Mylon and being there for him. Loved every page of it. Kuddos to you Twylia and Mylon!"  -Trina Brownlee Shakir

"I would recommend this book to anyone that is affected by a brain injury. It is so true that anything is possible if you just believe!"  -Heather Shortall

"Broken wings really hit home! My son was in an accident and has suffered traumatic brain injury, after reading this I no longer felt alone and has helped me understand the journey that's ahead of us it has also help me maintain my faith in God knowing he is right by our side even on our hardest days this book was Godsend at the time I needed to read it most. Thank you Twylia!"   -Yvonne

"I can totaly see this book being turned into a movie. This book is so descriptive that I actually saw the events taking place as if I was there. This is a touching story of a mother's love and dedication to her son. I don't want to spoil it; however, this is very suspenseful. I could not put it down. And now that I know that this is based on a true story, I am in awe of how they survived. A MUST READ...hands down."   -Mac W.

"This was an amazing book, I shed some tears, smiled and was encouraged. There is nothing to hard for God. What the devil meant to destroy God used it for a blessing. I was so blessed by this story."   

-Amazon Customer  

"Amazing Story, Inspiring and God sent! The author has a Beautiful soul. This book is a great investment.. A MUST READ!!"   -Amazon Customer

"Beautiful story, It was such a blessings to read. My husband and I both read it, tears and all. Amazing read of your daily struggles in life and not giving up. A mother's love for her son. Thank you for such an awesome story."  -Amazon Customer




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